febbraio 03, 2015

Current suggestions / anger i love you RELhAB

This season I do completely fall in love with the Valentino pre fall collection.

You can see it all on style.com
(There's even a smartphone app of style.com that became a drug for me)

The part of this collection I love the most are dresses, for sure

and beautiful blouses

But what does really keep my heart away were the embroidered sweaters.

especially this one

Valentino suggested me on which will be the first piece of  the anger i love you RELhAB line.
The anger i love you RELhAB line is a creative therapy for vintage and secondhand clothing you'll discover and love very soon, I hope.

A few months ago I found this amazing wool coat that my grandma sewed during the 70's.

I do completely fall in love with it and decide to embroider it all.

The embroidery wil be very colorful and full of pearls and lace flowers.



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